• Adventure Wall Decal

Does your child love adventure? Do you need something special for their wall to encourage their explorer heart?
This wall decal looks awesome in both boys and girls rooms! 

We've only listed black and white colour options as they are most popular however can get a huge range of colours so please do contact us with your special request.

The listed price is for a decal that is 380mm x 950mm.
This is the biggest size we can do to fit in a standard courier bag.
We can do bigger, just post is more!
We make to order so can make it bigger or smaller to suit your space

Please see the "specification" tab above for how to apply.

Price includes courier.
See our Store Page for delivery times.

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Wall Decal Application Decal application: For best results, apply this decal to a freshly painted wall. Clean the area it will be applied to with isopropyl alcohol or window cleaner to remove any dust or dirt. Your decal will arrive with three layers. The top layer is called application tape, the second layer is the actual vinyl. The bottom layer is called backing paper. We recommend using the hinge method for applying as described below: place the decal on the wall and line it up where you want to apply it. Use masking tape to secure one side and the middle of the decal. Peel the tape and vinyl back to the centre and cut the backing paper off. Carefully smooth the decal down starting in the center and working outwards. Use a credit card (or similar) to push the vinyl down to adhere firmly. Then remove the masking tape and apply the other side of the decal. Carefully remove the tape once its adhered. When removing from the wall, use a gentle heat to lift it off cleanly. Creation Station NZ takes no responsibility for damage to walls from using our decals.

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Adventure Wall Decal

  • $75.00

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