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The Hive NZ - and what we are about
If you have been wondering what The Hive NZ is really all about then this blog post will help you understand it. It's also a great read for people that already know us as you'll be able to read a bit more about our why.
Menstrual Cups, a review
Menstrual Cups! The “new aged” menstrual blood catchers! Good for the environment, good for your health and great for the wallet they say! Or are they? This blog highlights a new "cupper's" first impressions and experience.
Collars or Harnesses – What would you choose for your dog?
When it comes to your dog, you want the best right? And you may be wondering if you should choose a harness or a collar. How do you choose?
Shampoo by the Bar
Solid shampoo bars are the way of the future.....environmentally friendly, promote healthy hair and scalp, travel with ease, economical
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