The most beautiful items all made from OTHER items... so up-cycled products that will rock your socks off!

Us kiwi's love the idea of saving this planet of ours, keeping it green and sellers of the below items are totally contributing to that.

When you shop on The Hive, you help small businesses thrive!

Bullet Keyring
Upcycled Glass Ring Dish
Upcycled Glass Ring Dish
Trio of Glass Icicles
Reversible Vest 18 months
Pair of Glass Stars
Orange Wool Vest Size 2
Green Wool Blend Vest - 1
Fox Softie

Fox Softie


Daisy Fabric Wool Vest
Bunny Baby Blanket
Blue Wool Vest - Size 1
Blanket Vest 6-12 mths
Baby Blanket - Retro
Baby Blanket - Blue
Baby Blanket - Animals
Autumn Colours Wool Vest
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